Application Form

The Enrolment ProcessOPEN DAY

We are always delighted to welcome parents at Bambi’s for a chat, to answer any questions you may have and so that you can check availability of places. Often, parents have questions around qualifying for various schemes, age and eligibility for ECCE etc. You can contact us by phone, on facebook or right here on the website with any questions you may have before completing an application.

We also hold an open day each year, where parents, guardians and of course grandparents are welcome to come and spend some time at Bambi’s so that your child can meet the other children! You can RSVP to the Open Day and other Events on our facebook page.

What you need to apply for a place:

  1. Fully Completed Application Form (download it here)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Vaccination Record (where possible)
  4. €50.00 deposit (this is refunded when eligibility for ECCE is confirmed)

Places are limited at Bambi’s, we operate on a first-come first-served basis. So, as soon as you’re ready pop into us with your application and forms above and we will book your place!