I can’t believe it’s still going … 🙂 Bambi’s is how we’re best friends. 20 years later 🙂 🙂

Alison Kane

Brilliant play school

Ann Fitzpatrick Fay

A lovely happy place (Bernie O’Mahony)

Bernie O’Mahony

Ah Ben loved Bambi’s. He had a happy year there. He’s going into 5th class now !!!!!

Janice Guthrie

Fantastic school my 2 little ones went there and loved it 🙂

Jenny Smee

Myself and my friend went here as kids it’s great to see it still open 🙂

Laura Duke

My 2 older boys loved Bambi’s Pre-School and hopefully the baby will too when it’s his turn.

Lisa Dempsey

Can’t recommend Tina and Michelle Enough, all four of my children have been here, Evan bieing first, 17 years ago. They loved it and Calan will be very sad leaving in June (5th February 2016)

Mary Holden

My son went to Bambi’s and also my nephew 10 years previous. They both loved it. It was my sons first time ever away from me. I was so nervous and did not know how to handle leaving him. Tina went way beyond what was expected. She is such an amazing person. Tina would send
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Tara Cuffe

Ah the memories! Leah’s 11 now and Kyle’s 14! 🙂 🙂

Tracy Mates


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